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Mask ROM Microcontroller Crack


Mask ROM (MROM) is a type of read-only memory (ROM) whose contents are programmed by the integrated circuit manufacturer (rather than by the user). The terminology "mask" comes from integrated circuit fabrication, where regions of the chip are masked off during the process of photolithography.


It is common practice to use rewritable non-volatile memory – such as UV-EPROM or EEPROM – for the development phase of a project, and to switch to mask ROM when the code has been finalized. For example, Atmel microcontrollers come in both EEPROM and mask ROM formats.


The main advantage of mask ROM is its cost. Per bit, mask ROM is more compact than any other kind of semiconductor memory. Since the cost of an integrated circuit strongly depends on its size, mask ROM is significantly cheaper than any other kind of semiconductor memory.


However, the one-time masking cost is high and there is a long turn-around time from design to product phase. Design errors are costly: if an error in the data or code is found, the mask ROM is useless and must be replaced in order to change the code or data.


Some integrated circuits contain only mask ROM. As of 2003, four companies produce most such mask ROM chips: Samsung Electronics, NEC Corporation, Oki Electric Industry, and Macronix.


Other integrated circuits contain mask ROM as well as a variety of other devices. In particular, many microprocessors have mask ROM to store their microcode. Some microcontrollers have mask ROM to store the bootloader or all of their firmware.


In the research of MASK Rom MCU decryption, we have made a series of breakthroughs and can successfully remove lock bits from MASK Rom MCUs. Following are MASK Rom MCUs that we are able to provide secure services,if you want to more details, welcome to contact us.



Mitsubishi Series Mask Rom microcontroller reverse engineering

M30260M3A M30263M3A M30280M8 M30281M8 M30290M8 M30291M8 M30620MCP M30622M6P M30623M8P M30624MGP M30624MHP M30626MHP M30626MJP M30627MHP M3062AMCT M306N5MC-XXXGP M306N5MCT M30302MAP



HITACHI/ Renesas Series Mask Rom microcontroller reverse engineering

HD643039 HD643039 HD643039 HD643048 HD643048 HD643048 HD643048BF25 HD643048BF25 HD643048BF25 HD643048F16 HD643048F16 HD643048F16 HD643048PF HD643048PF HD643048PF HD643062 HD643062 HD643062 HD643062* HD643062* HD643062 HD643062BF HD643062BF HD643062BF HD643062BF25 HD643062BF25 HD643062BF25 HD643068 HD643068 HD643068 HD6431006F16 HD6431006F16 HD6431006F16 HD6432193F HD6432193F HD6432193F HD6432194F HD6432194F HD6432194F HD6432197A10FX HD6432197A10FX HD6432197A10FX HD6432197A16FX HD6432197A16FX HD6432197A16FX HD6432197SA20F3D3 HD6432197SA20F3D3 HD6432197SA20F3D3 HD6432237 HD6432237 HD6432237 HD643224 HD643224 HD643224 HD643232 HD643232 HD643232 HD6432323G01F HD6432323G01F HD6432323G01F HD6432365 HD6432365 HD6432365 HD6432365WTE HD6432365WTE HD6432365WTE HD643238 HD643238 HD643238 HD643238R43F HD643238R43F HD643238R43F HD6432633 HD6432633 HD6432633 HD6432633G00F HD6432633G00F HD6432633G00F HD6432633WG00F HD6432633WG00F HD6432633WG00F HD643265 HD643265 HD643265 HD6432653BA12F HD6432653BA12F HD6432653BA12F HD6432655 HD6432655 HD6432655 HD6432655A00F HD6432655A00F HD6432655A00F HD6432655AO7F HD6432655AO7F HD6432655AO7F HD6433 HD6433 HD6433 HD64330 HD64330 HD64330 HD6433038 HD6433038 HD6433038 HD6433038F HD6433038F HD6433038F HD6433039 HD6433039 HD6433039 HD6433039F HD6433039F HD6433039F HD6433039M1 HD6433039M1 HD6433039M1 HD6433039M16F HD6433039M16F HD6433039M16F HD643304 HD643304 HD643304 HD6433040 HD6433040 HD6433040 HD6433040A00F HD6433040A00F HD6433040A00F HD6433040F16 HD6433040F16 HD6433040F16 HD6433040SA00F HD6433040SA00F HD6433040SA00F HD6433040SA00F-HIT HD6433040SA00F-HIT HD6433040SA00FHIT HD6433040SA00FHIT HD6433040SA00FHIT HD6433040SA00FHIT HD6433041B9 HD6433041B9 HD6433041B9 HD6433041B95F HD6433041B95F HD6433041B95F HD6433042 HD6433042 HD6433042 HD6433042F HD6433042F HD6433042F HD6433042F10 HD6433042F10 HD6433042F10 HD6433042F16 HD6433042F16 HD6433042F16 HD6433044 HD6433044 HD6433044 HD6433044A4 HD6433044A4 HD6433044A4 HD6433044A4BF HD6433044A4BF HD6433044A4BF HD6433044F16 HD6433044F16 HD6433044F16 HD6433044SA00F HD6433044SA00F HD6433044SA00F HD6433044SA48F HD6433044SA48F HD6433044SA48F HD6433045A2 HD6433045A2 HD6433045A2 HD6433045A28F HD6433045A28F HD6433045A28F HD6433047 HD6433047 HD6433047 HD6433047A HD6433047A HD6433047A HD6433047A18 HD6433047A18 HD6433047A18 HD6433047A18F HD6433047A18F HD6433047A18F HD6433048A4 HD6433048A4 HD6433048A4 HD6433048A46F HD6433048A46F HD6433048A46F HD6433048B HD6433048B HD6433048B HD6433048B01F HD6433048B01F HD6433048B01F HD6433048F16 HD6433048F16 HD6433048F16 HD643308RL HD643308RL HD643308RL HD643308RL60 HD643308RL60 HD643308RL60 HD6433095TF HD6433095TF HD6433095TF HD64332 HD64332 HD64332 HD6433212 HD6433212 HD6433212 HD6433212P16 HD6433212P16 HD6433212P16 HD6433216P16 HD6433216P16 HD6433216P16 HD6433216WA29PBL HD6433216WA29PBL HD6433216WA29PBL HD6433217P HD6433217P HD6433217P HD6433228P HD6433228P HD6433228P HD6433228R70P HD6433228R70P HD6433228R70P HD6433238 HD6433238 HD6433238 HD6433238.PDF HD6433238.PDF HD6433238PDF HD6433238L58F HD6433238L58F HD6433238L58F HD6433238L62F HD6433238L62F HD6433238L62F HD6433238P HD6433238P HD6433238P HD6433238PDF HD6433238PDF HD6433238PDF HD6433238R HD6433238R HD6433238R HD6433238R-43F HD6433238R-43F HD6433238R43F HD6433238R42 HD6433238R42 HD6433238R42 HD6433238R42P HD6433238R42P HD6433238R42P HD6433238R43F HD6433238R43F HD6433238R43F HD6433238R43F.PDF HD6433238R43F.PDF HD6433238R43FPDF HD6433238R43FPDF HD6433238R43FPDF HD6433238R43FPDF HD6433238R7 HD6433238R7 HD6433238R7 HD6433238R76F HD6433238R76F HD6433238R76F HD6433248 HD6433248 HD6433248 HD64332558P HD64332558P HD64332558P HD6433256P HD6433256P HD6433256P HD6433258 HD6433258 HD6433258 HD6433258A37F HD6433258A37F HD6433258A37F HD6433258F HD6433258F HD6433258F HD6433258F10 HD6433258F10 HD6433258F10 HD6433258P HD6433258P HD6433258P HD6433258P10 HD6433258P10 HD6433258P10 HD643327 HD643327 HD643327 HD6433278B34 HD6433278B34 HD6433278B34 HD6433278B34F HD6433278B34F HD6433278B34F HD6433278B34F9819 HD6433278B34F9819 HD6433278B34F9819 HD6433292 HD6433292 HD6433292 HD6433292A9 HD6433292A9 HD6433292A9 HD6433292A93F HD6433292A93F HD6433292A93F HD6433292B02F HD6433292B02F HD6433292B02F HD6433292B24F HD6433292B24F HD6433292B24F HD6433294 HD6433294 HD6433294 HD6433294DB HD6433294DB HD6433294DB HD6433294DB28 HD6433294DB28 HD6433294DB28 HD6433294DB28FJ HD6433294DB28FJ HD6433294DB28FJ HD6433298A16P HD6433298A16P HD6433298A16P HD6433298P10 HD6433298P10 HD6433298P10 HD643329XF16 HD643329XF16 HD643329XF16 HD643330 HD643330 HD643330 HD64333048 HD64333048 HD64333048 HD6433308 HD6433308 HD6433308 HD6433308C06F HD6433308C06F HD6433308C06F HD6433308R8 HD6433308R8 HD6433308R8 HD6433308R89F HD6433308R89F HD6433308R89F HD6433337 HD6433337 HD6433337 HD6433337A86F HD6433337A86F HD6433337A86F HD6433337FP16 HD6433337FP16 HD6433337FP16 HD6433337WA25H HD6433337WA25H HD6433337WA25H HD6433388 HD6433388 HD6433388 HD6433388F HD6433388F HD6433388F HD6433396 HD6433396 HD6433396 HD6433397A55FJ HD6433397A55FJ HD6433397A55FJ HD6433399V03X HD6433399V03X HD6433399V03X HD6433434 HD6433434 HD6433434 HD6433434V HD6433434V HD6433434V HD6433434V02E HD6433434V02E HD6433434V02E HD6433434VF HD6433434VF HD6433434VF HD6433434VFJ HD6433434VFJ HD6433434VFJ HD6433434VFJ10 HD6433434VFJ10 HD6433434VFJ10 HD6433436A18F HD6433436A18F HD6433436A18F HD6433436F HD6433436F HD6433436F HD6433522P10 HD6433522P10 HD6433522P10 HD6433522P10P03 HD6433522P10P03 HD6433522P10P03 HD6433577P20 HD6433577P20 HD6433577P20 HD64336 HD64336 HD64336 HD643362 HD643362 HD643362 HD6433623 HD6433623 HD6433623 HD6433623A2 HD6433623A2 HD6433623A2 HD6433623A25H HD6433623A25H HD6433623A25H HD6433625 HD6433625 HD6433625 HD6433625A HD6433625A HD6433625A HD6433625A15H HD6433625A15H HD6433625A15H HD643364 HD643364 HD643364 HD6433642 HD6433642 HD6433642 HD6433642B HD6433642B HD6433642B HD6433642B2 HD6433642B2 HD6433642B2 HD6433642B29H HD6433642B29H HD6433642B29H HD6433642R HD6433642R HD6433642R HD6433642RB9 HD6433642RB9 HD6433642RB9 HD6433642RB95P HD6433642RB95P HD6433642RB95P HD6433657 HD6433657 HD6433657 HD6433664 HD6433664 HD6433664 HD6433692 HD6433692 HD6433692 HD64337 HD64337 HD64337 HD643371 HD643371 HD643371 HD6433712 HD6433712 HD6433712 HD6433712D33H HD6433712D33H HD6433712D33H HD6433712D60H HD6433712D60H HD6433712D60H HD6433714 HD6433714 HD6433714 HD6433714C16H HD6433714C16H HD6433714C16H HD6433714C57P HD6433714C57P HD6433714C57P HD6433714C58P HD6433714C58P HD6433714C58P HD6433714D3 HD6433714D3 HD6433714D3 HD6433714D35H HD6433714D35H HD6433714D35H HD6433724 HD6433724 HD6433724 HD6433724B HD6433724B HD6433724B HD6433724B-25F HD6433724B-25F HD6433724B25F HD6433724B25F HD6433724B25F HD6433724B25F HD6433724D42F HD6433724D42F HD6433724D42F HD6433724F HD6433724F HD6433724F HD6433724F39 HD6433724F39 HD6433724F39 HD6433724F39F HD6433724F39F HD6433724F39F HD6433726 HD6433726 HD6433726 HD6433726H HD6433726H HD6433726H HD64338 HD64338 HD64338 HD643380 HD643380 HD643380 HD64338024H HD64338024H HD64338024H HD6433802A71H HD6433802A71H HD6433802A71H HD6433813F HD6433813F HD6433813F HD6433834D71F HD6433834D71F HD6433834D71F HD6433834F HD6433834F HD6433834F HD6433844R HD6433844R HD6433844R HD6433875 HD6433875 HD6433875 HD6433875A HD6433875A HD6433875A HD6433875NA60H HD6433875NA60H HD6433875NA60H HD6433876A5 HD6433876A5 HD6433876A5 HD6433876A57X HD6433876A57X HD6433876A57X HD64338826 HD64338826 HD64338826 HD64339 HD64339 HD64339 HD6433924 HD6433924 HD6433924 HD6433926F-A48 HD6433926F-A48 HD6433926FA48 HD6433926FA48 HD6433926FA48 HD6433926FA48 HD6433927 HD6433927 HD6433927 HD6433927F HD6433927F HD6433927F HD6433928 HD6433928 HD6433928 HD6433928TF HD6433928TF HD6433928TF HD6433929 HD6433929 HD6433929 HD6433975F HD6433975F HD6433975F HD6433976 HD6433976 HD6433976 HD6433976A HD6433976A HD6433976A HD6433977 HD6433977 HD6433977 HD6433977-C HD6433977-C HD6433977C HD6433977-C61F HD6433977-C61F HD6433977C61F HD6433977B4 HD6433977B4 HD6433977B4 HD6433977B43F HD6433977B43F HD6433977B43F HD6433977C HD6433977C HD6433977C HD6433977C29F HD6433977C29F HD6433977C29F HD6433977C61F HD6433977C61F HD6433977C61F HD6433977F HD6433977F HD6433977F HD6433977SC12F HD6433977SC12F HD6433977SC12F HD6435 HD6435 HD6435 HD6435208 HD6435208 HD6435208 HD6435208A0 HD6435208A0 HD6435208A0 HD6435208A00F HD6435208A00F HD6435208A00F HD6435208A00M HD6435208A00M HD6435208A00M HD6435208A00M, HD6435208A00M, HD6435208A00M HD6435208CP HD6435208CP HD6435208CP HD6435208CP10 HD6435208CP10 HD6435208CP10 HD6435208F HD6435208F HD6435208F HD6435208P HD6435208P HD6435208P HD6435208P10 HD6435208P10 HD6435208P10 HD64353228CP10 HD64353228CP10 HD64353228CP10 HD6435328 HD6435328 HD6435328 HD6435328* HD6435328* HD6435328 HD6435328-CP10 HD6435328-CP10 HD6435328CP10 HD6435328CP HD6435328CP HD6435328CP HD6435328CP-10 HD6435328CP-10 HD6435328CP10 HD6435328CP10 HD6435328CP10 HD6435328CP10 HD6435328F HD6435328F HD6435328F HD6435328F10 HD6435328F10 HD6435328F10 HD6435328RA HD6435328RA HD6435328RA HD6435328RA00F HD6435328RA00F HD6435328RA00F HD6435328RA00M HD6435328RA00M HD6435328RA00M HD6435328RAO HD6435328RAO HD6435328RAO HD6435328RAOOM HD6435328RAOOM HD6435328RAOOM HD6435328RE49F HD6435328RE49F HD6435328RE49F HD643532BF HD643532BF HD643532BF HD6435348 HD6435348 HD6435348 HD6435348A HD6435348A HD6435348A HD6435348AY00F HD6435348AY00F HD6435348AY00F HD6435348CP HD6435348CP HD6435348CP HD6435348CP10 HD6435348CP10 HD6435348CP10 HD6435348F HD6435348F HD6435348F HD6435348F10 HD6435348F10 HD6435348F10 HD6435348F16 HD6435348F16 HD6435348F16 HD6435348RA0 HD6435348RA0 HD6435348RA0 HD6435348RA00F HD6435348RA00F HD6435348RA00F HD6435348RA00M HD6435348RA00M HD6435348RA00M HD6435368 HD6435368 HD6435368 HD6435368CP10 HD6435368CP10 HD6435368CP10 HD6435368F HD6435368F HD6435368F HD6435388A00FJ HD6435388A00FJ HD6435388A00FJ HD643570 HD643570 HD643570 HD64357080A08F HD64357080A08F HD64357080A08F HD6436 HD6436 HD6436 HD6436014 HD6436014 HD6436014 HD643612B HD643612B HD643612B HD643612BP HD643612BP HD643612BP HD643612BPA HD643612BPA HD643612BPA HD643612BPA04 HD643612BPA04 HD643612BPA04 HD643625 HD643625 HD643625 HD643664H HD643664H HD643664H HD64370 HD64370 HD64370 HD643702 HD643702 HD643702 HD6437020 HD6437020 HD6437020 HD6437021 HD6437021 HD6437021 HD6437021C HD6437021C HD6437021C HD6437021C02 HD6437021C02 HD6437021C02 HD6437021C02TE HD6437021C02TE HD6437021C02TE HD6437021C02X HD6437021C02X HD6437021C02X HD6437021SC02 HD6437021SC02 HD6437021SC02 HD6437021SC02TE HD6437021SC02TE HD6437021SC02TE HD6437021SC02X HD6437021SC02X HD6437021SC02X HD6437021SR01 HD6437021SR01 HD6437021SR01 HD6437021SR01X1 HD6437021SR01X1 HD6437021SR01X1 HD6437021T HD6437021T HD6437021T HD6437021TE HD6437021TE HD6437021TE HD6437021TEI HD6437021TEI HD6437021TEI HD6437021TEI2R01 HD6437021TEI2R01 HD6437021TEI2R01 HD643703 HD643703 HD643703 HD6437034AE13E HD6437034AE13E HD6437034AE13E HD6437034AE14E HD6437034AE14E HD6437034AE14E HD6437034F20 HD6437034F20 HD6437034F20 HD6437034F20~A HD6437034F20~A HD6437034F20 HD6437034F20~AEUREUR HD6437034F20~AEUREUR HD6437034F20 HD6437034F20C00 HD6437034F20C00 HD6437034F20C00 HD6437034SD01F HD6437034SD01F HD6437034SD01F HD6437042 HD6437042 HD6437042 HD6437042F18 HD6437042F18 HD6437042F18 HD6437042F46 HD6437042F46 HD6437042F46 HD6437043AE00F HD6437043AE00F HD6437043AE00F HD6437043AP HD6437043AP HD6437043AP HD6437043AP00F HD6437043AP00F HD6437043AP00F HD6437043F28 HD6437043F28 HD6437043F28 HD6437097F HD6437097F HD6437097F HD6437490F HD6437490F HD6437490F HD6437827H HD6437827H HD6437827H HD643802 HD643802 HD643802 HD64384 HD64384 HD64384 H8/38020S H8/38021S H8/38022S H8/38023S H8/38024S H8/38073R H8/38074R H8/38075R H8/38076R H8/38083R H8/38084R H8/38085R H8/38086R H8/38098 H8/38099 H8/38347 H8/38327 H8/38324 H8/38427 H8/38424 H8/38344 H8/38447 H8/38444 H8/38442 H8/38773 H8/38774 H8/38775 H8/38798 H8/38799 H8/36010 H8/36011 H8/36012 H8/36013 H8/36014 H8/36022 H8/36023 H8/36024 H8/36032 H8/36033 H8/36034 H8/36035 H8/36036 H8/36037 H8/36047 H8/36048 H8/36049 H8/36054 H8/36057 H8/36082 H8/36083 H8/36084 H8/36085 H8/36086 H8/36087 H8/3652 H8/3653 H8/3654 H8/3655 H8/3656 H8/3657 H8/3682 H8/3683 H8/3684 H8/3685 H8/3686 H8/3687 H8/3690 H8/3691 H8/3692 H8/3693 H8/3694 H8S/2241 H8S/2242 H8S/2243 H8S/2244 H8S/2245 H8S/2256 H8S/2281 H8S/2314 H8S/2316S H8S/2317S H8S/2318 H8S/2319 H8S/2323 H8S/2327 H8S/2328 H8S/2338 H8S/2341 H8S/2343 H8S/2344 H8S/2345 H8S/2355 H8S/2357 H8S/2365 H8S/2365 H8S/2375 H8S/2612 H8/3642 H8/3643




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