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PCB Prototype  

Rapid PCB and Assembly Prototyping


PCB Prototyping (no parts on board)

during development fabricating a prototype quickly and with flexibility is key. This allows developers to test ideas and easily make changes. The Rapid Prototyping method turns your demand into a sample circuit board, which is ultimately used to manufacture the new product.


Once the circuit board material has been selected the circuit board can be fabricated. Depending on the requirements the material is structured with a circuit board plotter or a laser system. The material is structured with a circuit board plotter. A laser system is used for ultra-fine structures and RF applications.


Once the circuit board – single- or multi-layered– has the conducting paths the circuit is tested. If faults are detected or changes are requested the data layout can quickly be modified. Thus a new prototype is created quick and easy.


The sample allows quick advances in project development, and even small batches can be produced using the Rapid Prototyping method.


PCB Assembly Prototyping (full parts on board)

Once the circuit board prototype is made, you may need a full working PCB Assembly Prototype.


Chip Works team will out source all the components according to the BOM, then engineers will hand solder all the materials to make the Rapid Prototyped PCB Assembly.



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