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Expedition Chip Works

Integrated flow for the global enterprise, from single chip copy to manufacturing execution

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PCB and Assembly Manufacturing


Chip Works provides the professional production of high-density, high-precision single-sided, double-sided and multilayer rigid PCB board and soft PCB board. capable of 2-16 layer HASL board, golden finger board, ENIG board, OSP board, 4-32 layers half hole PCB board and 0.2MM double-side super thin PCB, the minimum line width from 3mil, the smallest laser aperture 4mil, the smallest mechanical aperture 8mil, and buried with blind hole hole production.




Through the introduction of Germany, Japan, Hong Kong, Taiwan and other countries and regions with advanced PCB production, processing, testing equipment, and constantly improve production efficiency and economic efficiency.




Chip Works PCB manufacturing products is widly used in consumer electronics, automotive electronics, industrial equipment, medical equipment, aerospace, telecommunications, network, household appliances, instrumentation, industrial, automotive, semiconductors, microelectronics, LCD and LED, mobile phone camera modules and other electronic fields.



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