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Chip Works Reverse Engineering
About Us  

Chip Works Technology Limited


Chip Works Technology Limited was founded in 2005, specialisd in providing microcontroller security analysing and hacking, PCB and electronics products reverse engineering service to clients around the world. All of our senior engineers have the working experience in famous Companies as professional staffs in the field of IC design and development, IC failure analysis and IC reverse, the research and development of MCU and DSP and other digital control systems.


Chip Works micocontroller service mainly focused on IC reverse analysis such as microcontroller decryption, chip crack, MCU attack, DSP reverse. The chip decryption department professionally handles the work of microcontroller reverse, chip decryption, GAL logic circuit crack, CPLD crack, recovery of microcode. By adopting the best equipements in the reverse engineering industry such as confocal probing station, Dual beam (focused ion beam) System and laser cutter etc., Chip Works can now handle 7nanometer scale chips, and patch up 18nanometer scale fuses burnt out projects.


Chip Works Technology Limited is also a leading PCB and PCB layout supplier and manufacturer specialized in PCB manufacturing, PCB assembly, PCB layout, and PCB SMD. With good experience staffs and Layout makers of CAD/CAM Center, R&D group, state of the art equipments and top quality engineering to develop PCB layout new design and one stop manufacturing procedures production lines. Chip Works provides Single-layer, Double-layer and Multi-layer PCB, ranged from prototype sample, small to medium quantity and large volume with very competitive price, the best quality control, and fastest on time delivery.




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