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Elan EMC Hack  

Elan EMC MCU Code Extraction


ELAN is focusing its efforts on digital home market with consumers' interest in mind. As the future demand for of audio-visual digital data is extremely huge, broadband solution will be required to cope with the expected massive data transfer. Additionally, the advent of intelligent home appliances applications is certain to influence the growing popularity of home networking. ELAN is the only IC provider in the marketplace today who can deliver chips for central office (VDSL2 end), user terminal (CPE), analog front-end, and splitter applications in order to meet broadband and home networking requirements. With its capability in integrating broadband and home networking, ELAN has laid a strong foundation for its future growth in digital home solutions.


Now, Chip Works approach for Elan EMC series MCU Crack is already quite mature, and for each of the ICs we can provide highly reliable breaking program. Depend on the series of research results in EMC series MCU Crack, we are able to provide short cycle, high success rate and low cost technical services.


Here are the MCUs that we are able to break, anyone who have a need to attack ICs of EMC series, please contact us to get more details about MCU Crack:


EM78 Series MCU Code Extraction
EM78156E, 78156E, EM78447S, 78447S, EM78448C, 78448C, EM78806B, 78806B, EM78448, 78448, EM78450, 78450, EM78451, 78451, EM78458, 78458, EM78576, 78576, EM78568, 78568, EM78569, 78569, EM78459, 78459, EM78800, 78800, EM78806, 78806, EM78808, 78808, EM78810, 78810, EM78811, 78811, EM78813, 78813, EM78815 , 78815, EM78820, 78820, EM78860, 78860, EM78861, 78861, EM78862, 78862, EM78863, 78863, EM78865, 78865, EM78870, 78870, EM78911, 78911, EM78912, 78912...


EM78P Series MCU Code Extraction
EM78P153, 78P153, EM78P153E, 78P153E, EM78P153S, 78P153S, EM78P156, 78P156, EM78P156E, 78P156E, EM78P156N, 78P156N, EM78P468N, 78P468N, EM78P447E, 78P447E, EM78P447S, 78P447S, EM78P257, 78P257, EM78P450, 78P450, EM78P451, 78P451, EM78P458, 78P458, EM78P459, 78P459, EM78M447, 78M447, EM78P447, EM78P452, EM78P5839 , EM78P5840, EM78P5841, EM78P5842, EM78P154N, EM78P157N, EM78P159N, EM78P259N, EM78P259N, EM78P260N, EM78P417N, EM78P418N, EM78P419N, EM78P468L, EM78P510N, EM78P809N, EM78P5840N, EN78P5841N, EM78P5842N...



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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