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Holtek IC Code Recovery


Holtek Semiconductor is a major Taiwan based semiconductor design centre and provider. The microcontrollers in the present Holtek range all contain a universal 8-bit RISC processor and with common features such as timers, external interrupts, power-down functions, low-voltage reset, bi-directional I/O pins etc.


HT23B60R microcontroller Code Recovery
HT36RA4, HT36RM4
HT45R02, HT45R03, HT45R04, HT45R05, HT45R06, HT45R07, HT45R09, HT45R0D, HT45R0E, HT45R23, HT45R24...
HT46R04, HT46R12, HT46R14, HT46R22, HT46R23, HT46R232, HT46R24, HT46R46, HT46R47, HT46R48, HT46R51, HT46R52, HT46R53, HT46R54, HT46R62, HT46R63, HT46R64, HT46R65, HT46R652, HT46R71, HT46R72, HT46R73, HT46R74, HT46R82, HT46R83, HT46R84, HT46RB50, HT46RB70, HT46RU25, HT46RU66...

HT47R10, HT47R20...microcontroller Code Recovery
HT48R05, HT48R06, HT48R07, HT48R08, HT48R09, HT48R10, HT48R30, HT48R37, HT48R50, HT48R52, HT48R70, HT48RA0, HT48RA1, HT48RA3, HT48RA5, HT48RB8, HT48RU90, HT48X50...
HT49R30, HT49R50, HT49R70, HT49R84, HT49RA0, HT49RB50, HT49RB70, HT49RU90, HT49RV3, HT49RV5, HT49RV7, HT49RV9
HT81R03, HT81R09, HT81R18, HT81R36
HT82A802, HT82A821, HT82A822, HT82A832, HT82J97E, HT82J98E, HT82K68E, HT82K69E, HT82K70E, HT82K71E, HT82K72E, HT82K73E, HT82K75E, HT82K92E, HT82K92E, HT82K94E, HT82K95E, HT82K96E, HT82M72E, HT82M99E, HT82M9AE, HT82M9BE
HT86384R, HT86R192, HT86R384
HT94801, HT95A10P, HT95A20P, HT95A30P, HT95A40P HT95C20P, HT95C30P, HT95C40P, HT95L00P, HT95L10P, HT95L20P, HT95L30P, HT95L40P
HTG2130R, HTG2150R, HTG2160R, HTG2190R, HTG21A0R
ZU01ZUP3, ZU01ZUP411, ZU01ZUP511, ZU02ZUP1, ZU04ZUP1, ZU07ZUP111


HT48R32-B2 HT48R32-B- HT48R32-B HT48R32B HT48R32-2 HT48R32- HT48R32 HT48R31-B2 HT48R31-B HT48R31-28 HT48R31-2 HT48R31-1 HT48R31- HT48R31 HT48R30A12 HT48R30A-1 HT48R30A1 HT48R30A- HT48R30-A- HT48R30-A HT48R30A HT48R30-24 HT48R30-20 HT48R30-2 HT48R30-16 HT48R30-1 HT48R30- HT48R30 HT48R3 HT48R12-F2 HT48R12-F- HT48R12-F HT48R12F HT48R12-B2 HT48R12-B1 HT48R12-B- HT48R12-B HT48R12B HT48R12-28 HT48R12-24 HT48R12-20 HT48R12-2 HT48R12-18 HT48R12-1 HT48R12- HT48R12 HT48R11-F- HT48R11-F HT48R11F HT48R11-B2 HT48R11-B HT48R11B HT48R11-18 HT48R11-1 HT48R11- HT48R11 HT48R10-B HT48R10A12 HT48R10A-1 HT48R10A1 HT48R10A- HT48R10A HT48R10- HT48R10 HT48R1 HT48R09A-1 HT48R09A- HT48R09A HT48R09 HT48R08A-1 HT48R08A- HT48R08A HT48R08 HT48R07A-1 HT48R07A1 HT48R07A- HT48R07A HT48R07 HT48R06A11 HT48R06A-1 HT48R06A1 HT48R06A- HT48R06A HT48R066-2 HT48R066- HT48R066 HT48R065SO HT48R065S HT48R065E HT48R065B- HT48R065B HT48R065-2 HT48R065( HT48R065- HT48R065 HT48R064-2 HT48R064-1 HT48R064- HT48R064 HT48R063E HT48R063B- HT48R063B HT48R063-1 HT48R063(# HT48R063( HT48R063- mcu Code RecoveryHT48R063 HT48R06216 HT48R0621 HT48R062 HT48R06 HT48R05A11 HT48R05A-1 HT48R05A1 HT48R05A- HT48R05A HT48R05 HT48R02 HT48R01T3 HT48R01T HT48R01C-8 HT48R01C- HT48R01C HT48R01B HT48R01A HT48R01 HT48R005-8 HT48R005- chip works technology HT48R005 chip works technology HT48R00 HT48R0 HT48R HT48F70E HT48F70 HT48F7 HT48F50E-2 HT48F50E- HT48F50E HT48F50 HT48F5 HT48F30E HT48F30 HT48F3 HT48F10E-2 HT48F10E- HT48F10E HT48F10 HT48F1 HT48F06E-1 HT48F06E( HT48F06E- HT48F06E HT48F06 HT48F0 HT48F HT48E7048S HT48E7048 HT48E704 HT48E70 HT48E7 HT48E5028S HT48E5028 HT48E502 HT48E50 HT48E5 HT48E3028S HT48E3028 HT48E3024S HT48E3024 HT48E302 HT48E30 HT48E3 HT48E1024S HT48E1024 HT48E102 HT48E10 HT48E1 HT48E0618S HT48E0618D HT48E06-18 HT48E0618 HT48E06-1 HT48E061 HT48E06- HT48E06 HT48E0 HT48E HT48CAO-20 HT48CAO-2 HT48CAO-00 HT48CAO-0 HT48CAO- HT48CAO HT48CA0-20 HT48CA020 HT48CA0-2 HT48CA02 HT48CA0-00 HT48CA0-0 HT48CA0- HT48CA0 HT48CA HT48C5A HT48C501SP HT48C501S HT48C50-10 HT48C50-1- HT48C50-1 HT48C501 HT48C50- HT48C50 HT48C5 HT48C30-00 HT48C30-0 HT48C30- HT48C30 HT48C3 HT48C10-10 HT48C10-1 HT48C10-00 HT48C10-0 HT48C10- HT48C10 HT48C1 HT48C06-00 HT48C0600 HT48C06-0 HT48C060 HT48C06- HT48C06 HT48C05-00 HT48C05-0 HT48C05- HT48C05 HT48C0 HT48C HT4888 HT488 HT4863 HT486 HT4848 HT484 HT4830 HT483 HT4817 HT481 HT-48 HT48 HT47R20A-1 HT47R20A- HT47R20A HT47R20 microcontroller Code Recovery HT47R2 HT47R HT47C20L HT47C20 HT47C2 HT47C05L00 HT47C05L-0 HT47C05L0 HT47C05L- HT47C05L HT47C05 HT47C0 HT47C HT472M HT472 HT471M250 HT471M25 HT471M200 HT471M20 HT471M2 HT471M1VB- HT471M1VB HT471M1V HT471M1 HT471M HT471 HT470M2AB- HT470M2AB HT470M2A HT470M2 HT470M HT470 HT47 HT46RU66 HT46RU6 HT46RU2556 HT46RU255 HT46RU2548 HT46RU254 HT46RU25 HT46RU2 HT46RU HT46RS03 HT46RS0 HT46RS HT46RB7048 HT46RB704 HT46RB70(G HT46RB70( HT46RB70 HT46RB7 HT46RB5028 HT46RB502 HT46RB50 HT46RB5 HT46RB HT46R7 HT46R65CHI HT46R65CH HT46R65C HT46R6580L HT46R6580 HT46R658 HT46R6556S HT46R6556 HT46R655 HT46R652 HT46R65100 HT46R6510 HT46R651 HT46R65- HT46R65 HT46R64CHI HT46R64CH HT46R64C HT46R6456S HT46R6456 chip works technology HT46R6452Q HT46R6452 HT46R64-5 HT46R645 HT46R64( HT46R64- HT46R64 HT46R63100 HT46R6310 HT46R631 HT46R63 HT46R6256S HT46R6256 HT46R62-5 HT46R625 HT46R6248S HT46R6248 HT46R624 HT46R62( HT46R62- HT46R62 HT46R6 HT46R54A28 HT46R54A-2 HT46R54A2 HT46R54A- HT46R54A HT46R54 HT46R53A28 HT46R53A2 HT46R53A HT46R53 HT46R52A20 HT46R52A2 HT46R52A-1 HT46R52A- HT46R52A HT46R52 HT46R51A20 HT46R51A2 HT46R51A HT46R5120S HT46R5120 HT46R512 HT46R51 HT46R5 HT46R49( HT46R49 HT46R48E24 HT46R48E2 HT46R48E HT46R48A- HT46R48A HT46R48 HT46R47SOP HT46R47-SO HT46R47SO HT46R47-S HT46R47S HT46R47E18 HT46R47E1 HT46R47E HT46R47DIP HT46R47DI chip works technology HT46R47D HT46R47A HT46R4718S HT46R4718D HT46R47-18 HT46R4718 HT46R47-1 HT46R471 HT46R47(#) HT46R47(# HT46R47( HT46R47- HT46R47 HT46R46E18 HT46R46E1 HT46R46E HT46R4618S HT46R4618D HT46R4618 HT46R46-16 HT46R46-1 HT46R461 HT46R46- HT46R46 HT46R4 HT46R34 HT46R32 HT46R3 HT46R24SSO HT46R24SS HT46R24SOP HT46R24SO HT46R24S HT46R24DIP HT46R24DI HT46R24D HT46R2448S HT46R2448L HT46R2448 HT46R244 HT46R2428S HT46R2428 HT46R242 ic Code Recovery HT46R24( HT46R24- HT46R24 HT46R23SOP HT46R23SO HT46R23S HT46R23DIP HT46R23DI HT46R23D HT46R23A HT46R2328S HT46R23-28 microcontroller Code Recovery HT46R2328 HT46R2324S HT46R23248 HT46R232-4 HT46R23-24 HT46R2324 HT46R2320S HT46R2320 HT46R232- HT46R23-2 HT46R232 HT46R23(DI HT46R23(D HT46R23( HT46R23- HT46R23 HT46R22SOP HT46R22SO HT46R22S HT46R22CHI HT46R22CH HT46R22C HT46R22A HT46R2224S HT46R2224 HT46R222 HT46R22( HT46R22- HT46R22 HT46R2 HT46R1428S HT46R1428 HT46R142 HT46R14 HT46R1 HT46R067-2 HT46R067- HT46R067 HT46R066D- HT46R066D HT46R066B- HT46R066B HT46R0662- HT46R066-2 HT46R0662 HT46R066-1 HT46R066- HT46R066 HT46R065E- HT46R065E HT46R065D- HT46R065D



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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