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ABOV Semiconductor Ltd. was established in February 2006, but has a history that reaches much further than 2006.


The roots of the company go back to LG Semicon (the semiconductor business of the LG Group), which merged 1999 with Hyundai Electronics to later become Hynix.

In 2004 the Hynix' non-memory business became MagnaChip. Out of this company the MCU business became ABOV in a spin-off.


ABOV supports continuously the range of MCUs developed in LG Semicon, Hynix and MagnaChip.
In addition ABOV offers a wide selection of new 4 and 8 bit MCUs.


Chip Works invested a lot of effort to develop safe,efficient,low cost IC Code Extraction for ICs of ABOV Chips. We are able to crack most of the ABOV series ICs now.


GMS34004TK GMS34004TM
GMS34004TW GMS34112TK
GMS34112TK@SOIC20 [SA404] GMS34112TK@SSOP20 [SA626A]
GMS34140TK GMS34140TK@SOIC24 [SA404]
GMS80C701 GMS80C701@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS80C701@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS81004(dip20)
GMS81004(dip24) GMS81004(dip28)
GMS81004@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS81004@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS81004@SOIC24 [SA404] GMS81004@SOIC28 [SA404]
GMS81008(dip20) GMS81008(dip24)
GMS81008(dip28) GMS81008@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS81008@SOIC20 [SA404] GMS81008@SOIC24 [SA404]
GMS81008@SOIC28 [SA404] GMS81016(dip20)
GMS81016(dip24) GMS81016(dip28)
GMS81016@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS81016@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS81016@SOIC24 [SA404] GMS81016@SOIC28 [SA404]
GMS81024(dip20) GMS81024(dip24)
GMS81024(dip28) GMS81024@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS81024@SOIC20 [SA404] GMS81024@SOIC24 [SA404]
GMS81024@SOIC28 [SA404] GMS81032(dip20)
GMS81032(dip24) GMS81032(dip28)
GMS81032@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS81032@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS81032@SOIC24 [SA404] GMS81032@SOIC28 [SA404]
GMS81504AT [SA653] GMS81504T [SA653]
GMS81516 GMS81516AT
GMS81516BT GMS81524
GMS81524AT GMS81524BT
GMS81604T GMS81604T@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS81604T@SDIP42 [SA028] GMS81608T
GMS81608T@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS81608T@SDIP42 [SA028]
GMS81C5016(dip28) GMS81C5016(dip40)
GMS81C5016@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS81C5016@SOIC28 [SA404]
GMS81C5016@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS81C5024(dip28)
GMS81C5024(dip40) GMS81C5024@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS81C5024@SOIC28 [SA404] GMS81C5024@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS81C5032(dip28) GMS81C5032(dip40)
GMS81C5032@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS81C5032@SOIC28 [SA404]
GMS81C5032@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS82516T
GMS82516T@MQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS82516T@SDIP42 [SA028]
GMS82524T GMS82524T@MQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS82524T@SDIP42 [SA028] GMS87C1102
GMS87C1102@SOP16 [SA404] GMS87C1202
GMS87C1202@SOP20 [SA404] GMS87C1404
GMS87C1404@SOP28 [SA404] GMS87C1408
GMS87C1408@SOP28 [SA404] GMS87C5032(dip28)
GMS87C5032(dip40) GMS87C5032@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS87C5032@SOIC28 [SA404] GMS87C5032@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97C1051 GMS97C1051@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS97C2051 GMS97C2051@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS97C51 GMS97C51@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97C51@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97C51H
GMS97C51H@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97C51H@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97C52 GMS97C52@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97C52@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97C52H
GMS97C52H@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97C52H@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97C54 GMS97C54@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97C54@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97C54H
GMS97C54H@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97C54H@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97C56 GMS97C56@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97C56@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97C56H
GMS97C56H@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97C56H@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97C58 GMS97C58@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97C58@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97C58H
GMS97C58H@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97C58H@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97L1051 GMS97L1051@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS97L2051 GMS97L2051@SOIC20 [SA404]
GMS97L51 GMS97L51@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97L51@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97L52
GMS97L52@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97L52@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97L54 GMS97L54@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97L54@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS97L56
GMS97L56@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS97L56@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS97L58 GMS97L58@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS97L58@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS99C51
GMS99C51@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS99C51@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
GMS99C52 GMS99C52@PLCC44 [SA244]
GMS99C52@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] GMS99C58
GMS99C58@PLCC44 [SA244] GMS99C58@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
HMS81004E(dip20) HMS81004E(dip24)
HMS81004E(dip28) HMS81004E@PLCC44 [SA244]
HMS81004E@SOIC20 [SA404] HMS81004E@SOIC24 [SA404]
HMS81004E@SOIC28 [SA404] HMS81008E(dip20)
HMS81008E(dip24) HMS81008E(dip28)
HMS81008E@PLCC44 [SA244] HMS81008E@SOIC20 [SA404]
HMS81008E@SOIC24 [SA404] HMS81008E@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS81016E(dip20) HMS81016E(dip24)
HMS81016E(dip28) HMS81016E@PLCC44 [SA244]
HMS81016E@SOIC20 [SA404] HMS81016E@SOIC24 [SA404]
HMS81016E@SOIC28 [SA404] HMS81020ET(dip20)
HMS81020ET(dip24) HMS81020ET(dip28)
HMS81020ET@SOIC20 [SA404] HMS81020ET@SOIC24 [SA404]
HMS81020ET@SOIC28 [SA404] HMS81020TL(dip20)
HMS81020TL(dip24) HMS81020TL(dip28)
HMS81020TL@SOIC20 [SA404] HMS81020TL@SOIC24 [SA404]
HMS81020TL@SOIC28 [SA404] HMS81024E(dip20)
HMS81024E(dip24) HMS81024E(dip28)
HMS81024E@PLCC44 [SA244] HMS81024E@SOIC20 [SA404]
HMS81024E@SOIC24 [SA404] HMS81024E@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS81032(dip20) HMS81032(dip24)
HMS81032(dip28) HMS81032@SOIC20 [SA404]
HMS81032@SOIC24 [SA404] HMS81032@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS81032ET(dip20) HMS81032ET(dip24)
HMS81032ET(dip28) HMS81032ET@SOIC20 [SA404]
HMS81032ET@SOIC24 [SA404] HMS81032ET@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS81032T(dip20) HMS81032T(dip24)
HMS81032T(dip28) HMS81032T@SOIC20 [SA404]
HMS81032T@SOIC24 [SA404] HMS81032T@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS81032TL(dip20) HMS81032TL(dip24)
HMS81032TL(dip28) HMS81032TL@SOIC20 [SA404]
HMS81032TL@SOIC24 [SA404] HMS81032TL@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS87C1102A HMS87C1102A@SOP16 [SA404]
HMS87C1104A HMS87C1104A@SOP16 [SA404]
HMS87C1202A HMS87C1202A@SOP20 [SA404]
HMS87C1204A HMS87C1204A@SOP20 [SA404]
HMS87C1302A@SDIP24 [SA653] HMS87C1302A@SOP24 [SA404]
HMS87C1304A@SDIP24 [SA653] HMS87C1304A@SOP24 [SA404]
HMS87C1404B HMS87C1404B@SDIP28 [SA653]
HMS87C1404B@SOIC28 [SA404] HMS87C1408B
HMS87C1408B@SDIP28 [SA653] HMS87C1408B@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS87C1416B HMS87C1416B@SDIP28 [SA653]
HMS87C1416B@SOIC28 [SA404] HMS87C1508B
HMS87C1516B HMS87C1608B
HMS87C1616B HMS87C1708B@SDIP42 [SA028]
HMS87C1716B@SDIP42 [SA028] HMS87C1808B@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
HMS87C1816B@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] HMS87C5216
HMS87C5216@PLCC44 [SA244] HMS87C5216@SOIC28 [SA404]
HMS87C5216@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] HMS99C51
HMS99C51@PLCC44 [SA244] HMS99C51@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
HMS99C52 HMS99C52@PLCC44 [SA244]
HMS99C52@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805] HMS99C58
HMS99C58@PLCC44 [SA244] HMS99C58@TQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
MC40P5001D@SOP20 [SA404] MC40P5004BD@SOP20(1K) [SA404]
MC40P5004BD@SOP20(2K) [SA404] MC40P5004BD@SOP20(4K) [SA404]
MC40P5004BR@TSSOP20(1K) [SA026-B3201]
MC40P5004BR@TSSOP20(2K) [SA026-B3201]
MC40P5004BR@TSSOP20(4K) [SA026-B3201]
MC40P5101D@SOP20 [SA404] MC40P5104BM@SOP16(1K) [SA602]
MC40P5104BM@SOP16(2K) [SA602] MC40P5104BM@SOP16(4K) [SA602]
MC40P5201D@SOP24 [SA404] MC40P5204BD@SOP24(1K) [SA404]
MC40P5204BD@SOP24(2K) [SA404] MC40P5204BD@SOP24(4K) [SA404]
MC40P5301D@SOP24 [SA404] MC40P5404BD@SOP20(1K) [SA404]
MC40P5404BD@SOP20(2K) [SA404] MC40P5404BD@SOP20(4K) [SA404]
MC40P6004BD@SOP20(1K) [SA404] MC40P6004BD@SOP20(2K) [SA404]
MC40P6004BD@SOP20(4K) [SA404]
MC40P6004BR@TSSOP20(1K) [SA026-B3201]
MC40P6004BR@TSSOP20(2K) [SA026-B3201]
MC40P6004BR@TSSOP20(4K) [SA026-B3201]
MC40P6104M@SOP16(1K) [SA602] MC40P6104M@SOP16(2K) [SA602]
MC40P6104M@SOP16(4K) [SA602] MC80F0504
MC80F0504@SOP16 [SA715] MC80F0504@SSOP16 [SA626A]
MC80F0504[153mil]@SOP16 [SA602] MC80F0604
MC80F0604@SOP20 [SA715] MC80F0604@SSOP20 [SA626A]
MC80F0704 MC80F0704@QFN28
MC80F0704@SOP28 [SA715] MC80F0708
MC80F0708@QFN28 MC80F0708@SOP28 [SA715]
MC80F0804@SDIP32 [SA653] MC80F0804@SOP32 [SA715]
MC80F0808@SDIP32 [SA653] MC80F0808@SOP32 [SA715]
MC81F4104B MC81F4104M@SOP8 [SA602A]
MC81F4104S@SSOP10 [$$$$$$] MC81F4204B
MC81F4204D@SOP20 [SA404] MC81F4204M@SOP16 [SA404]
MC81F4204R@TSSOP16 [SA026-B3201] MC81F4204V
MC81F4204W@TSSOP20 [SA026-B3201] MC81F4215B
MC81F4215D@SOP20 [SA404] MC81F4216B
MC81F4216D@SOP20 [SA404] MC81F4315D@SOP32 [SA715]
MC81F4315G MC81F4315K@SDIP32 [SA653]
MC81F4315L@LQFP32 [SA636] MC81F4315M@SOP28 [SA404]
MC81F4315S@SSOP24 [SA026-B3201] MC81F4316D@SOP32 [SA715]
MC81F4316G MC81F4316K@SDIP32 [SA653]
MC81F4316M@SOP28 [SA404] MC81F4316S@SSOP24 [SA026-B3201]
MC81F4416K@SDIP42 [SA028] MC81F4416Q@MQFP44 [SA675-B4805]
MC96F6332D@SOP32 [SA715] MC96F6332L@QFP32 [SA636]
MC96F6332M@SOP28 [SA404] MC96F6432Q@QFP44 [SA675-B4805]



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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