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Samsung Semiconductor business area includes semiconductor chips such as SDRAM, SRAM, NAND flash memory; smart cards; Mobile Application Processors; Mobile TV receivers; RF transceivers; CMOS Image ensors, Smart Card IC, MP3 IC, DVD/BD/HD-DVD Player SOC and multi-chip package (MCP); and storage devices such as optical disc drives and hard disk drives.


Anyone who have Samsung chips crack, welcome to contact Chip Works for more details about the IC Decryption or IC attack or IC Code Extraction services.


Chip Works have been focusing on the technical research for extracting code from various types of Samsung chips and have had a mayor breakthrough in the research field.


The following are the ICs that we are able to provide efficient,safe,low cost IC Code Extraction.


S3FXXX Series MCU Crack
S3F9444 S3F9454 S3F9488 S3F9498 S3F94A5 S3F80J9 S3F80JB S3F80K5 S3F80K9 S3F80KB S3F80L4 S3F80M4 S3F80N8 S3F8235 S3P8245 S3P8249 S3P825A S3P826A S3F8274 S3F8278 S3F8275 S3F8285 S3F8289 S3F828B S3F82E5 S3F82HB S3F82I9 S3P830A,S3F833B S3F834B S3P848A S3F84BB S3F84DB S3F84A5 S3F84C4 S3P84E9 S3F84H5 S3F84I8 S3F84I9 S3F84K4 S3F84M8 S3F84NB S3F84P4 S3F84Q5, S3F84T5 S3F84U8 S3F84UA S3F84VB S3F84YB S3F84ZB S3F866B S3F880A S3F8235 S3F84I8 S3F84H5 S3F80M4 S3F94A5


S3CXXX S3PXXX Series MCU Crack
S3P414 S3P434 S3P7048 S3P70F4 S3P7224 S3P7235 S3P7238 S3P72B9 S3P72F5 S3P72K8 S3P72M9 S3P72N5 S3P72Q5 S3P7335 S3P7424 S3P7434 S3P7515 S3P7528 S3P7538 S3P7565 S3P8469 S3P8475 S3P848A S3P9228 S3P9428 S3P9434 S3P72N4 S3P72P9 S3P72Q5 S3P7335 S3P9228 S3P9234 S3P851B S3P9228 S3C9228 S3C8274 S3P72N4 S3P70F4 S3C9454 S3C9234 S2C9444 S3C9488 S3C9498 S3C72N4 S3P72N5 S3P72K8 S3P72P9 S3FK215 S3C2410 S3C2412 S3C2440 S3C44B0 S6A0073 S6A0075 S3P70F4 S3P7324 S3C72N5 S3P7335 S3P9698 S3P8245 S3P8249 S3P825A S3P830A S3P8325 S3P8469 S3P8475 S3C8849 S3P80A5



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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