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Silicon Labs Hack  

Silicon Labs IC Reverse Engineering


With the acquisition of Cygnal Integrated Products, Silicon Labs marked their entry into the multi-billion dollar general-purpose analog and MCU markets and began building its Broad-based business, which is now 40% of company revenue. Silicon Labs' 8-bit MCUs are based on a patented implementation of the 8051 instruction set architecture that is ‘hard wired' implementation of the 8051 microcontroller CPU, as opposed to the original micro-coded version. The instruction set is mapped to a basic three-stage pipeline to increase throughput while maintaining an 8-bit program memory width. Silicon Labs differentiation in the market is the integration of analog peripherals to create a mixed-signal MCU that is designed to reduce the system cost without sacrificing performance. The company introduced ARM -based, 32-bit MCUs in early 2012. Also focused on the integration of high performance peripherals, the 32-bit family eases development with free Eclipse-based development suite including a full compiler, debugger and AppBuilder rapid prototyping utility. .


The c8051f series MCUs of Silicon labs are difficult to attack in the MCU breaking industry. For Silicon IC Crack, Chip Works organized a group of engineers to develop a safe,efficient,reliable and quality attack program for each MCU of c8051f series.

C8051F0XX IC Reverse Engineering
C8051F000 C8051F001 C8051F002 C8051F005 C8051F006 C8051F007 C8051F010
C8051F011 C8051F012 C8051F015 C8051F017 ……


C8051F3XX microcontroller Crack
C8051F300 C8051F300-GM C8051F301 C8051F301-GM C8051F301-GS C8051F302 C8051F302-GM
C8051F303 C8051F304 C8051F304-GM C8051F305 C8051F305-GM C8051F310 C8051F310-GQ
C8051F311 C8051F311-GM C8051F312 C8051F312-GQ C8051F313 C8051F313-GM C8051F314
C8051F314-GQ C8051F315 C8051F315-GM C8051F316-GM C8051F317-GM C8051F320 C8051F320-GQ
C8051F321 C8051F321-GM C8051F326 C8051F326-GQ C8051F327 C8051F327-GM C8051F327-GQ
C8051F330 C8051F330D C8051F33-GM C8051F330-GP C8051F331 C8051F331-GM C8051F332
C8051F332-GM C8051F333 C8051F333-GM C8051F334 C8051F331-GM C8051F335 C8051F335-GM
C8051F336 C8051F336-GM C8051F337 C8051F337-GM C8051F338 C8051F338-GM C8051F339
C8051F339-GM C8051F340 C8051F340-GQ C8051F342 C8051F342-GQ C8051F343 C8051F343-GQ
C8051F344 C8051F344-GQ C8051F345 C8051F345-GQ C8051F346 C8051F346-GQ C8051F347
C8051F347-GQ C8051F348 C8051F348-GQ C8051F349 C8051F349-GQ C8051F34A C8051F34A-GQ
C8051F34B C8051F34B-GQ C8051F34C C8051F34D C8051F350-GQ C8051F351-GM C8051F352-GQ
C8051F353-GM C8051F360 C8051F361 C8051F363 C8051F364 C8051F365 C8051F366
C8051F367 C8051F368 C8051F369 ……


C8051F4XX microcontroller Reverse Engineering
C8051F410 C8051F410-GQ C8051F411 C8051F411-GM C8051F412 C8051F412-GQ C8051F413
C8051F413-GM C8051F413-GM ……


C8051F5XX IC Crack
C8051F500-IM C8051F500-IQ C8051F501-IM C8051F501-IQ C8051F502-IM C8051F502-IQ C8051F503-IM C8051F503-IM C8051F504-IM C8051F504-IQ C8051F505-IM C8051F505-IQ C8051F506-IM C8051F506-IQ C8051F507-IM C8051F507-IQ C8051F508-IM C8051F509-IM C8051F510-IM C8051F511-IM C8051F520A-IM C8051F520-IM C8051F521A-IM C8051F521-IM C8051F523A-IM C8051F523-IM C8051F524A-IM C8051F524-IM C8051F526A-IM C8051F526-IM C8051F527A-IM C8051F527-IM C8051F530A-IM C8051F503A-IT C8051F530-IM C8051F530-IT C8051F531A-IM C8051F530A-IT C8051F530-IM C8051F530-IT C8051F531A-IM C8051F531A-IT C8051F531-IM C8051F531=IT C8051F533A-IM C8051F533A-IT C8051F533-IM C8051F533-IT C8051F534A-IM C8051F534A-IT C8051F534-IM C8051F534-IT C8051F534A-IM C8051F536A-IT C8051F536-IM C8051F536-IT C8051F537A-IM C8051F537A-IT C8051F537-IM C8051F537-IT C8051F580-IM C8051F580-IQ C8051F581-IM C8051F581–IQ C8051F582-IM C8051F582-IQ C8051F583-IM C8051F583-IQ C8051F584-IM C8051F584-IQ C8051F585-IM C8051F585-IQ C8051F586-IQ C8051F586-IM C8051F587-IM C8051F587-IQ C8051F588-IM C8051F589-IM C5081F590-IM C8051F591-IM


C8051F7XX MCU Crack
C8051F700-GQ C8051F701-GQ C8051F702-GQ C8051F703-GQ C8051F74-GM C8051F704-GQ C8051F705-GM C8051F705-GQ C8051F706-GM C8051F706F-GQ C8051F707-GM C8051F707-GQ C8051F708-GQ C8051F709-GQ C8051F710-GQ C851F710-GQ C8051F710-GQ C8051F711-GQ C8051F712-GM C8051F712-GQ C8051F713-GM C8051F713-GQ C8051F714-GM C8051F714-GQ C8051F715-GM C851F715-GQ ……


C8051F7XX IC microcontroller Hack
C8051F800-GM C8051F800-GU C8051F801-GM C8051F801-GU C8051F801-GM C8051F801-GU C8051F802-GM C8051F802-GU C8051F803-GS C8051F804-GS C8051F805-GS C8051F806-GM C8051F806-GU C8051F807-GM C8051F807-GU C8051F808-GM C8051F808-GU C8051F809-GS C8051F810-GS C8051F811-GS C8051F812-GM C8051F812-GU C8051F813-GM C8051F813-GU C8051F814-GM C8051F814-GU C8051F815-GS C8051F816-GS C8051F817-GS C8051F818-GM C8051F818-GU C8051F819-GM C8051F819-GU C8051F820-GM C8051F820-GU C8051F821-GS C8051F821-GS C8051F822-GS C8051F823-GS C8051F824-GS C8051F825-GS C8051F826-GS C8051F827-GS C8051F828-GS C8051F829-GS C8051F830-GS C8051F831-GS C8051F831-GS C8051F832-GS C8051F833-GS C8051F834-GS C8051F834-GS C8051F835-GS ……


C8051F9XX MCU Reverse Engineering
C8051F920-GM C8051F920-GQ C8051F930-GM C8051F931-GM


C8051T6XX microcontroller Crack
C8051T600 C8051T601 C8051T602 C8051T603 C8051T604 C8051T605 C8051T606 C8051T610-GQ C8051T611-GM C8051T612-GQ C8051T613-GM C8051T614-GQ C8051T615-GM C8051T616-GM C8051T617-GM C8051T630 C8051T631 C8051T632 C8051T633 C8051T634 C8051T635 …


Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us


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