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SyncMOS Attack  

SyncMOS Microcontroller Attack


SyncMOS’ current main product lines focus on: 8-bit embedded-flash MCU with advanced peripherals, high MIPS, high precision ADC/DAC and various interfaces.


For SYNCMOS MCU Reverse Engineering, Chip Works has made a major breakthrough. And SYNCMOS MCU Reverse Engineering is one of our advantages in the IC breaking research field now.


Anyone who have a need to extract code from SYNCMOS ICs, welcome to call us and learn more about our services of chip decryption.


The following are the MCUs that we are able to crack successfully:


SM29XXX Series MCU Reverse Engineering
SM2951 SM2952 SM2954 SM2958 SM2964 SM2965 ……

SM59XXX Series MCU Reverse Engineering
SM5964,SM59164,SM5964A,SM59264,SM59128,SM59364 ……

SM59DXX Series MCU Reverse Engineering

SM79XXX Series MCU Reverse Engineering
SM79108L,SM79108C,SM79164L,SM79164C,SM7964 ……

SM89XXX Series MCU Reverse Engineering
SM8954AL SM8954AC,SM8958AL,SM8958AC,SM89516AL,



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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