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TOSHIBA Cloning  

Toshiba Microcontroller Cloning


Toshiba Semiconductor was established in July, 1875, which headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. With advanced technological strengths and market-defining know-how in solution provision, Toshiba will go on to bring greater functionality and higher performance to semiconductors, to create new potential, and to contribute to a better tomorrow for people everywhere. There are overseas sales in Irvine, Buffalo Grove, Duluth, Atlanta, El Paso, Houston, Marlborough, Parsippany, San Jose, Wixom, Brazil, Düsseldorf, France, Italy, Spain, UK, Sweden, Singapore, Malaysia, Hong Kong, Beijing, Chengdu, Qingdao, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Dalian, Xiamen, Korea, Taiwan, and India.


Toshiba Semiconductor products line include memories/storages devices, general-purpose logic ICs, transistors, diodes, optical semiconductor devices, sensors, radio-frequency devices, microcomputer, ASICs, ASSPs, general-purpose linear ICs, driver ICs. A special feature of Toshiba's semiconductors is broad product line-up. They have three min pillars of the business which are discrete, logic and memory devices, ensure they can meet diverse customers needs. They obtained the ISO9001 certification. In order to provide advanced technology, they have been not only promoting development of next-generation processing technology in concert with domestic and overseas business partners, but also actively involved in research and development for the future, including search for new materials and processes, development of system LSIs and strengthening of the structure.


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TMP47P201VP TMP47P202VM@SOIC20 [CX1021]
TMP47P202VP TMP47P206VM@SOIC20 [CX1021]
TMP47P206VP TMP47P241VM@SOIC28 [CX1033]
TMP47P241VMG@SOIC28 [CX1033] TMP47P241VN@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP47P241VNG@SDIP28 [CX0032] TMP47P403VM@SOIC28 [CX1033]
TMP47P403VMG@SOIC28 [CX1033] TMP47P403VN@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP47P403VNG@SDIP28 [CX0032] TMP47P422VF@QFP44 [CX3004]
TMP47P422VFG@QFP44 [CX3004] TMP47P422VN@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP47P422VNG@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP47P422VU@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP47P422VUG@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP47P440VF@QFN44 [CX3004]
TMP47P440VFG@QFN44 [CX3004] TMP47P440VN@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP47P440VNG@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP68HC11E1@PLCC52 [CX2052]
TMP68HC11E1@QFP52 [CX3010] TMP68HC11E9@PLCC52 [CX2052]
TMP68HC11E9@QFP52 [CX3010] TMP68HC711E9@PLCC52 [CX2052]
TMP86FH09ANG@SDIP32 [CX0032] TMP86FH409NG@SDIP32 [CX0032]
TMP86FH46ANG@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP86FH47ADUG@QFP48 [CX3007]
TMP86FH47AUG@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP86FH809NG@SDIP32 [CX0032]
TMP86FH92DMG@SSOP30 [CX1026] TMP86FH92IDMG@SSOP30 [CX1026]
TMP86FS49AFG@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP86FS49AIFG@QFP64 [CX3014]
TMP86FS49AIUG@QFP64 [CX3011] TMP86FS49AUG@QFP64 [CX3011]
TMP86FS49BFG@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP86FS49BUG@QFP64 [CX3011]
TMP86P202M@SOIC20 [CX1031] TMP86P202P
TMP86P203M@SOIC20 [CX1031] TMP86P203P
TMP86P807M@SOP28 [CX1019] TMP86P807MG@SOP28 [CX1019]
TMP86P807N@SDIP28 [CX0032] TMP86P807NG@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP86P808DM@SSOP30 [CX1026] TMP86P808DMG@SSOP30 [CX1026]
TMP86P808N@SDIP30 [CX0032] TMP86P808NG@SDIP30 [CX0032]
TMP86PH06N@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP86PH06NG@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP86PH06U@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP86PH06UG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP86PH46N@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP86PH46NG@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP86PH47U@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP86PH47UG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP86PM29AF@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP86PM29AU@QFP64 [CX3011]
TMP86PM46N@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP86PM46NG@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP86PM47AU@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP86PM47AUG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP86PM47U@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP86PM47UG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP86PM72F@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP86PM72FG@QFP64 [CX3014]
TMP86PM74AF@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP86PM74AFG@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP86PM74F@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP86PM74FG@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP86PS44U@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP86PS44UG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP87P408M@SOIC28 [CX1033] TMP87P408N@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP87P409M@SOIC28 [CX1033] TMP87P409N@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP87P808LM@SOP28 [CX1033] TMP87P808LN@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP87P808M@SOP28 [CX1033] TMP87P808N@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP87P809M@SOIC28 [CX1033] TMP87P809N@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP87P844N@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP87P844NG@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP87PH00DF@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP87PH00DFG@QFP64 [CX3014]
TMP87PH00F@QFP64 [CX3015] TMP87PH00FG@QFP64 [CX3015]
TMP87PH00LF@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP87PH00LFG@QFP64 [CX3014]
TMP87PH00N@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP87PH00NG@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP87PH20F@QFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PH20FG@QFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PH40AF@PQFP64 [CX3015] TMP87PH40AFG@PQFP64 [CX3015]
TMP87PH40AN@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP87PH40ANG@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP87PH46N@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP87PH46NG@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP87PH47LU@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP87PH47LUG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP87PH47U@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP87PH47UG@QFP44 [CX3005]
TMP87PH48DF@LQFP64 [CX3014] TMP87PH48DFG@LQFP64 [CX3014]
TMP87PH48U@LQFP64 [CX3011] TMP87PH48UG@LQFP64 [CX3011]
TMP87PM14F@QFP64 [CX3015] TMP87PM14FG@QFP64 [CX3015]
TMP87PM14N@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP87PM14NG@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP87PM20F@QFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PM20FG@QFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PM29N@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP87PM29NG@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP87PM29U@LQFP64 [CX3011] TMP87PM29UG@LQFP64 [CX3011]
TMP87PM40AF@PQFP64 [CX3015] TMP87PM40AFG@PQFP64 [CX3015]
TMP87PM40AN@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP87PM40ANG@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP87PM41F@QFP64 [CX3015] TMP87PM41FG@QFP64 [CX3015]
TMP87PM41N@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP87PM41NG@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP87PM41U@LQFP64 [CX3011] TMP87PM41UG@LQFP64 [CX3011]
TMP87PM43N@SDIP42 [CX0042] TMP87PM43NG@SDIP42 [CX0042]
TMP87PM48DF@LQFP64 [CX3014] TMP87PM48DFG@LQFP64 [CX3014]
TMP87PM48U@LQFP64 [CX3011] TMP87PM48UG@LQFP64 [CX3011]
TMP87PM53F@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PM53FG@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PM70F@QFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PM70FG@QFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PM74F@QFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PM74FG@QFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PM75F@QFP100 [CX3023] TMP87PM75FG@QFP100 [CX3023]
TMP87PM78F@QFP100 [CX3023] TMP87PM78FG@QFP100 [CX3023]
TMP87PP21DF@QFP80 [CX3016] TMP87PP21DFG@QFP80 [CX3016]
TMP87PP21F@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PP21FG@QFP80 [CX3016]
TMP87PP23F@PQFP100 [CX3023] TMP87PP23FG@PQFP100 [CX3023]
TMP87PP24AF@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP87PP24AFG@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP87PP24F@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP87PP24FG@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP87PP71F@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PP71FG@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PS64F@PQFP100 [CX3023] TMP87PS64FG@PQFP100 [CX3023]
TMP87PS68F@QFP80 [CX3016] TMP87PS68FG@QFP80 [CX3016]
TMP87PS71AF@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PS71AFG@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP87PS71F@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP87PS71FG@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP88FH41UG@QFP44 [CX3005] TMP88PH40M@SOIC28 [CX1064]
TMP88PH40MG@SOIC28 [CX1064] TMP88PH40N@SDIP28 [CX0032]
TMP88PH40NG@SDIP28 [CX0032] TMP88PS42F@PQFP64 [CX3015]
TMP88PS42FG@PQFP64 [CX3015] TMP88PS42N@SDIP64 [CX0064]
TMP88PS42NG@SDIP64 [CX0064] TMP89FH42UG@QFP44 [CX3003]
TMP89FM42UG@QFP44 [CX3003] TMP91PW10F@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP91PW10FG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP91PW11F@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP91PW11FG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP91PW12F@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP91PW12FG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP91PW18AF@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP91PW18AFG@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP93PS40DF@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP93PS40DFG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP93PS40F@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP93PS40FG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP93PS44F@QFP80 [CX3016]
TMP93PS44FG@QFP80 [CX3016] TMP93PW20AF@QFP144 [CX3034]
TMP93PW20AFG@QFP144 [CX3034] TMP93PW32F@QFP64 [CX3014]
TMP93PW32FG@QFP64 [CX3014] TMP93PW40DF@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP93PW40DFG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP93PW44ADF@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP93PW44ADFG@PQFP80 [CX3019] TMP93PW46AF@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP93PW46AFG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP95PW64F@QFP100 [CX3021]
TMP95PW64FG@QFP100 [CX3021] TMP96PM40F@PQFP80 [CX3019]
TMP96PM40FG@PQFP80 [CX3019]



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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