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Texas Instuments Microcontroller Dump


Besides being the reigning DSP champ, TI also produces the MSP430, a low power 16-bit Flash microcontroller. Also manufacturers a wide variety of quality analog components, wireless, and telecom products.


Chip Works invested a lot of effort to develop safe,efficient,low cost IC Code Extraction for ICs of Texas Instruments Chips. We are able to crack most of the TI series ICs now.


MSP430F1101A MSP430F1111A MSP430F1121A MSP430F110
MSP430F1101 MSP430F1111 MSP430F112 MSP430F1121
MSP430F1122 MSP430F1132 MSP430F122 MSP430F1222
MSP430F123 MSP430F1232 MSP430F133 MSP430F135 MSP430F147
MSP430F1471 MSP430F148 MSP430F1481 MSP430F149 MSP430F1491
MSP430F155 MSP430F156 MSP430F157 MSP430F1610 MSP430F1611
MSP430F1612 MSP430F167 MSP430F168 MSP430F169
MSP430F2001 MSP430F2002 MSP430F2003 MSP430F2011
MSP430F2012 MSP430F2013 MSP430F2101 MSP430F2111
MSP430F2112 MSP430F2121 MSP430F2122 MSP430F2131
MSP430F2132 MSP430F2232 MSP430F2234 MSP430F2252
MSP430F2254 MSP430F2274 MSP430F233 MSP430F2330
MSP430F235 MSP430F2350 MSP430F2370 MSP430F2410
MSP430F2411 MSP430F2416 MSP430F2417 MSP430F2418
MSP430F2419 MSP430F247 MSP430F2471 MSP430F248 MSP430F249
MSP430F2491 MSP430F2611 MSP430F2617 MSP430F2618
MSP430F2619 MSP430F412 MSP40F413 MSP430F4132 MSP430F415 MSP430F4152
MSP430F417 MSP430F423 MSP430F4230 MSP430F423a MSP430F425
MSP430F4250 MSP430F425A MSP440F4260 MSP430F427
MSP430F4270 MSP430F427A MSP430F435 MSP430F4351 MSP430F436
MSP430F4361 MSP430F437 MSP430F4371 MSP430F447 MSP430F448
MSP430F4481 MSP430F449 MSP430F4491 MSP430F4616
MSP430F46161 MSP430F4617 MSP430F46171 MSP430F4618
MSP430F46181 MSP430F4619 MSP430F46191 MSP430F47126
MSP430F47127 MSP430F47163 MSP430F47166 MSP430F47167
MSP430F47173 MSP430F47176 MSP430F47177 MSP430F47183
MSP430F47186 MSP430F47187 MSP430F47193 MSP430F47196
MSP430F47197 MSP430F477 MSP430F478 MSP30F4783
MSP430F4784 MSP430F479 MSP430F4789 MSP430F4793
MSP430F4794 MSP430F5190 MSP430F5131 MSP430F5132 MSP430F5151
MSP430F5152 MSP430F5171 MSP430F5172 MSP430F5212
MSP430F5213 MSP430F5214 MSP430F5217 MSP430F5218
MSP430F5219 MSP430F5222 MSP430F5223 MSP430F5224
MSP430F5227 MSP430F5228 MSP430F5229 MSP430F5304
MSP430F5308 MSP430F5309 MSP430F5310 MSP430F5324
MSP430F5325 MSP430F5326 MSP430F5327 MSP430F5328
MSP430F5329 MSP430F5333 MSP430F5335 MSP430F5336
MSP430F5338 MSP430F5340 MSP430F5341 MSP430F5342
MSP430F5418 MSP430F5418A MSP430F5419 MSP430F5419A
MSP430F5435 MSP430F5435A MSP430F5436 MSP430F5436A
MSP430F5437 MSP430F5437A MSP430F5438 MSP430F5438A
MSP430F5500 MSP430F5501 MSP430F5502 MSP430F5503
MSP430F5504 MSP430F5505 MSP430F5506 MSP430F5507
MSP430F5508 MSP430F5509 MSP430F5510 MSP430F5513
MSP430F5514 MSP430F5515 MSP430F5517 MSP430F5519
MSP430F5521 MSP430F5522 MSP430F5524 MSP430F5525
MSP430F5526 MSP430F5527 MSP430F5528 MSP430F5529
MSP430F5630 MSP430F5631 MSP430F5632 MSP430F5633
MSP430F5634 MSP430F5635 MSP430F5636 MSP430F5637
MSP430F5638 MSP430F6630 MSP430F6631 MSP430F6632 MSP430F6633
MSP430F6634 MSP430F6635 MSP430F6636 MSP430F6637
MSP430F6638 MSP430F6720 MSP430F6721 MSP430F6723
MSP430F6724 MSP430F6725 MSP430F6726 MSP430F6730
MSP430F6XX MSP430F6731 MSP430F6733 MSP430F6734 MSP430F6735
MSP430F6736 MSP430AFE221 MSP430AFE222 MSP430AFE223 MSP430AFE231
MSP430AFE2X MSP430AFE232 MSP430AFE233 MSP430AFE251 MSP430AFE252
MSP430AFE25 MSP430G2001 MSP430G2101 MSP430G2102 MSP430G2111
MSP430G2112 MSP430G2113 MSP430G2121 MSP430G2131
MSP430G2132 MSP430G2152 MSP430G2153 MSP430G2201
MSP430G2202 MSP430G2203 MSP430G2210 MSP430G2211
MSP430G2212 MSP430G2213 MSP430G2221 MSP430G2230
MSP430G2231 MSP430G2232 MSP430G2233 MSP430G2252
MSP430G2XX MSP430G2253 MSP430G2302 MSP430G2303 MSP430G2313
MSP430G2312 MSP430G2332 MSP430G2333 MSP430G2352
MSP430G2353 MSP430G2402 MSP430G2403 MSP430G2412
MSP430G2413 MSP430G2432 MSP430G2433 MSP430G2452
MSP430G2453 MSP430G2513 MSP430G2533 MSP430G2553
MSP430FE4XX: MSP430FE423 MSP430FE4232 MSP430FE423A
MSP430FE4242 MSP430FE425 MSP430FE4252 MSP430FE425A
MSP430FE427 MSP430FE4272 MSP430FE427A
MSP430FG4XX: MSP430FG4250 MSP430FG4260 MSP430FG4270
MSP430FG437 MSP430FG438 MSP430FG439 MSP430FG4616
430FE FG FW MSP430FG4617 MSP430FG4618 MSP430FG4619 MSP430FG477
MSP430FG478 MSP430FG479
MSP430FW4XX: MSP430FW423 MSP430FW425 MSP430FW427
MSP430FW428 MSP430FW429
MSP430FR5720 MSP430FR5721 MSP430FR5722 MSP430FR5723
MSP430FR5724 MSP430FR5725 MSP430FR5726 MSP430FR5727
MSP430FR5XX MSP430FR5728 MSP430FR5729 MSP430FR5730 MSP430FR5731
MSP430FR5732 MSP430FR5733 MSP430FR5734 MSP430FR5735
MSP430FR5736 MSP430FR5737 MSP430FR5738 MSP430FR5739



Not all the chips are listed here, more types please contact us



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